A meeting was held with the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Buryatia

Kh.Batjargal, secretary of state of the MED, Kh.Erdenebulgan, head of the Department of Border Port Development and Free Zone Policy, N. Nyamtseren, Consul General of Mongolia in Ulaan-Ud and G. Ganzorig, governor of "Altanbulag" free zone received and met with official representatives of the Republic of  Buryatia led with E.N.Kochetova, Deputy head of government and minister of economy of the Republic of Buryatia to discuss the following issues: 

To make a proposal to Russia with regard to the development of Altanbulag free zone as an economic cooperation zone for the purpose of trade and economic development of border areas of Mongolia and Russia and reach a mutual agreement thereof. 

  • To establish communication channels with Russian investors.
  • To increase Mongolian-Russian trade turnover.
  • To organize the ‘Economic Forum-2023’ to be jointly held by Mongolia and Russia in Ulaanbaatar in 2023.
  • To exchange information with the "Foreign Investment Agency" to be established in Mongolia in 2023and establish a joint working group.
  • To reach particular solutions to expand and facilitate further collaboration.