First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Crimea Republic of the Russian Federation, participated in the "International Distributer-2019" event, head of the Russian Trade Representative Office in Mongolia M.V.Vasilyev and the "Business contact" company of Irkutsk , director A.A.Sidorov met with Governor J. Amarjargal. of  Altanbulag free zone.


First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Crimea of Russian Republic S.N.Kudrin has a great interest in Altanbulag free trade activities in Mongolia, as well as proposed the establishment of a transit transport corridor named Southeast Asia through the Free Economic Zone and Altanbulag Free Zone in Crimea and therefore, through the Economic Free Zone in the Crimea and Altanbulag Free Zone-Zamiin-Uud Free Zone.

The establishment of this Transit Transport Corp. has enabled Mongolia to promote the products of the country in the Krym Peninsula. It is also hoped that the cooperation between the Republic of Altanbulag and the Zamiin-Uud Free Zone in Mongolia will be opened to the people of Mongolia, which will enable Mongolia and the Russian People's Republic of Krym to create a new level of trade and economic cooperation.

In Crimea, manufacturing, agriculture and tourism have grown considerably. It is surrounded by great infrastructures, surrounded by the Black Sea and the Azovian Sea. Four seaside ports - Ewpatoria, Feodosia, Kerch, Yllta.

The Free Economic Zone in Crimea, Russia, is officially opened in 2015 and operates a special regime of free zones. The Altanbulag free zones and the free economic zones of Crimea are operating permanently and besides have tax regimes.

In the International Economic Forum in March 2020, Altanbulag proposed to participate in the free trade zone and cooperation in Yalta, the Russian state of Crimea. First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Crimea, S.Kudrin, expressed his support for the cooperation with the Crimea Economic Free Zone.