Prime Minister of Mongolia visited in Selenge province

The Altanbulag Free Trade Area and border port were financed by the Asian Development Bank, Customs General Administration , Border Inspection Agency of Sukhbaatar port, the Border Services Improvement Project, the Plant and Animal Hygiene and Food Security Guideline were based on to the site. 

Altanbulag free zone governor J. Amarjargal introduced to Prime Minister the sales volume of people travelled through the free zone since transfer to a permanent activity in 2014, increasing the amount of sales per year from year to year, and explained the most urgent need for expansion of the free zone was the expansion of the regional power supply and asked for the solution to this problem.

Representatives of business retailers in the Altanbulag free zone and the management of professional organizations in charge of state control functions to meet the Altanbulag free trade zone, Altanbulag free zones and Altanbulag sum infrastructure, especially discussed terms of water supply and sewerage.

D.Unurjargal, Regional Development Specialist, Asian Development Bank, presented a detailed introduction on the projects and programs financed by the Bank. Within the framework of these projects, the capacity of extension and extension of Altanbulag ports, freight passenger and freight flows through the ports, free access to new roads, and the Veterinary Laboratory in Sukhbaatar, Altanbulag port, Food Safety Laboratory, Plant and Animal Quarantine the new facility will be built.

Provincial Governor Sh.Orgil said that people of Selenge province are happy to the start of the construction of important stages for the Altanbulag port, Mongolia's northern gate.

Prior to the appointment of the Prime Minister, the Special Commission of Selenge was called upon by the commission members to take all measures to prevent forest and steppe fires in the dry season due to low snowfall.undefined