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The “Altanbulag” Free Zone is operated in regular regime by the Government Resolution of 153, on July 22 2014.    

By approved the new Free Zone law on February 12, 2015, it was high push to developing the Free Zone in Mongolia which are improving legal environment and reflecting special treatment of taxation free, which are to promoting to developing new industries, attracting foreign and domestic investments, trade and services, developing tourism, international banking, paid puzzle games, and gambling games.  

According to the Government Action Plan 2016- 2020, “Promoting Free Zone activities and Intensify Foreign and Domestic Investment” we are requesting the establishment of free trade agreement with Euro- Asian Economic Union which in order to examine the legal environment for tax relief and other necessary legislation between Mongolia and Russian Federation.   

According to the Mongolia- Russia- China Economic Corridor Development program, “mutually supportive trans- boundary transportation of three countries, also supportive opportunities for each side, and increase the capacity of cross border port”, we are cooperating with Foreign Affairs to include the opening of the Intergovernmental Commission’s protocol.   

Also, we are collaborating with related ministries to transit international transport through “Altanbulag” Free Zone which is, important strategic features and geographic location of Euro-Asia.

Our will be open for cooperating and investing in the Mongolian economy, and foreign and domestic citizens and enterprises




Governor of “Altanbulag” free zone