The A.A. Sidrov, general director of the “Business contact” free zone Co.,Ltd, who is very important person to develop the “Altanbulag” free zone. The “Business contact” free zone Co.,Ltd is was started organize the “Door to Asia” international exhibition in Mongolia since 2002, which is always encourage the “Altanbulag” free zone activities, and was leader of the improve cooperation between Russia- Mongolian economic trade.   

In the scope of the “Mongolia- Russian initiative 2018” the “Door to Asia”, 28th international exhibition was held in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, 7th -10th of June 2018. In this exhibition 800 company which are came from Siberian region are participated. Some of this companies have been negotiated about the law and legislation of the “Altanbulag” free zone, and express their cooperate with free zone.  

In the “Kapitalist” magazine, /www.kapitalpress.ru/, which is publishing from Irkutsk, was published about the activities of the “Altanbulag” free zone. The free zone activities, and investment of the “Altanbulag”, product exchange in free zone, and also way to run the business in free zone was published in the magazine, which was given the full information of the “Altanbulag” free zone to the Russian business mans. Also the “Altabulag” free zone is nearest way to connect the Asia and Europe.