The Administration of “Altanbulag” free zone introduced the activity of the Altanbulag to the 0101 board security department, police department of the Selenge aimag.

In this meeting the “Altanbulag” free zone and Police department will be precede the cooperation work which is under the contract of the cooperation agreement.  In the main contract article, which is article 25.3, law of free zone, “Public security and order of a free zone shall be the responsibility of a police organization” will be followed.

Also, under the agreement of the “Altanbulag” free zone and Border Security agency, will be cooperate as security of the free zone, board post, in all issues of board security department  0101. The article 25.2 free zone, the security function of a free zone located in a border port shall be performed under an agreement signed with a border defense agency. In case of other free zones8 the security functions shall be performed under such agreement signed with relevant agencies.