“Tourism and free zone development” meeting

To developing the economy of the county, the tourism is one of the important branch. Also, to developing the economy and free zone of Mongolia, to identify the contribution of the sector, and support the development of the tourism. Therefore, Ministry of Nature, Environment and tourism have been organized “Tourism and free zone development” meeting.

In the meeting, Administration of Vice prime minister, National Security Council, Governet office of “Zamiin-Uud: free zone, “Altanbulag” free zone, “Tsagaan nuur” free zone.

The main purpose of the meeting was to identify the tourism influence to the citizen life condition, inform the related organizations opinion, determine the new policy of developing the tourism, and find the way to develop the tourism, also identify the related organizations  methods.  In addition, here is important to involving of tourism in to the free zone, significant, decide the contributions, and also identify the general design of the tourism.