We will promise the good condition to investors.

We talked with J. Amarjargal, the Governor of Altanbulag free zone. He were emphasized that, “this year will be good condition to investors”.


  • What kinds of operations are possible to hold in “Altanbulag” free zone, which is suited in law of Mongolia?

The services, tourism, trade, international banking, finance, paid puzzle game, and gambling games are permitted in free zone. We are working on the, free zone good condition to business man, entities and personal, to encourage the foreign and domestic investors.

  • What is advantage of investors who are wanted to hold their own business?

Under the project of “Economic corridor”, “Altanbulag” free zone is locating in near place of connecting Euro Asian economic trade. To holding in free zone, it’s possible to exemptions from the levy of customs duties or other taxed, according to the law of the free zone. And it’s possible to supply the cheep value added product to Russian and European market. The engineering infrastructures are also solved by investment budget in free zone. Some works will be finished in June. Now three big constructions left to finish in infrastructure which is planning.  

  • What is “left” constructions?

The left construction is road, electric extension and effluent treatment plant. From Ulaanbaatar to Selenge aimag is asphalt, but 3 km inside is improved road. According to free zone plan, we are tending to 13.5 km road is asphalt. The road blueprint is already made. The electric extension blueprint and plan is not made. Nowadays, free zone is using 6 kV electric transformer which is built in 2004. Even investment getting slow because of economic condition, we are arranging the meeting with foreign and domestic investors.

  • In Government level, how government paying attention to free zone?

The U.Khurelsukh, Vice Prime Minister and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and with their working group, is introduced free zone and met with investors.  In Government action plan, it’s exactly identified; government will be encouraging the foreign and domestic investors in free zone.

Under this plan, now we write letter about free trade between Euro Asian economic commission