Kh. Baljmaa, Director of administration of governor have been participated in “Free zone trade strategy seminar 2016” which Ministry of Trade of China, from 30th of September 2016 to 20th of December 2016 in Shanghai. Kh. Baljmaa was leaded Mongolian team which related departments in free zone of Mongolia. 

According to the meeting of Mongolian, Russian, Chinese president, framework of economical corridor, Chinese government were paid attention this seminar. The purpose of the seminar was to introduce the Chinese Government policy, direction, and economic development of free zone on the site to 3 countries.

Because of Chinese trade system is insufficient, American international trade companies which built TTP, and TTIP, that is not giving permission to apply in international trade market. Thus Chinese should renew the trade system to access the TTP, TTIP international trade system.  In future of Chine, make the yuan (Chinese currency) global currency, and lead the trade global.

Chinese government is developing the free zone, centralized the international head companies, domesticate the high innovation, currency exchange, high security service, good condition of law legislation, publicly disclosed. The following processes are held to develop free zone.

  • Open, coequal, simple policy of free zone
  • “One- stop service” by online, have one general control /17 companies could serve in one-stop service in Shanghai/  
  • All products could be stored, transported, maintenance in guaranteed custom store.
  • Open for investment in non- manufacturing business sector
  • Established bank and financial open system which improved the contest of quality of foreign banks.
  • Built list, those manufactories which are not possible to set up in free one and encourage the other business.
  •  International arbitration organizations were established, that solving the personal and companies problems in fast and prompt.
  • We are attending in employing, that experts are working who can work on international standard condition. 

Establishing testing trade free zone, large amount of investment were invested, that made China economy improvement. Top 500 companies are now proceeding their business in free zone. To establish one organization in free zone, over 2000 employees are coming from abroad, that comes 1 m2 apartment price increasing until 100 000 yuan, which is making negative attitudes.

Shanghai is developing as bank, financial section to become first-rate financial center not only China, but also worldwide with stable market, in world standard. In further, China is planning to establish the free zone in 7 countries, Tianjin, Xianmen, Khenchin, Nanshin, Chinghai, Tsonchin which is north and north- east.

The “Altanbulag” free zone which is mow starting free market operation, to participating in seminar was important significant that implementing the article 12 of government activity program 2016- 2020, “ intensify the work of free zone, will support the foreign  and domestic investment”. 

Even Mongolia get starting to establish the free zone, China have been developed and worked on this field for 30 years that they have good experiment. Thus we should research the Chinese experiment and implement the positive condition in Mongolian free zone. To developing the free zone, investment is important. We should establish one-stop prompt service which is suited international standard, and equally condition to foreign and domestic entities, and determine the forbided, restricted factories and it should be followed in international law legislation.

The free zone is the place is not only tax free zone, but also zone that held large scale business and allowance of international bank and finance organizations.

Seemingly, how to developing the free zone of China, to developing the economics of our country, free zone is much important that should implement the suitable policy and special futures which is peculiarity to region and cooperate with this field.

Therefore, we should make policy based upon information; under the law on free zone article 7 which is following policy should be shown.

  1. Free zone goal should be indentified rational, relative, complex and efficient.
  2. To make research of Chinese 30 year of free zone, and implement the policy in our country / not defaulted/
  3. To support the operation based on export which is important contribute of Mongolian economic that should notify in plan.   
  4. To reflect the world economy and business tendency in policy.
  5. To support high technology innovation and domesticate it.
  6. To support the sustainable system of industry operation.
  7. The activity agreement or license should be clearly investors.
  8. To approve the list of industry and servicing companies this may work in free zone.
  9. To engage facility condition in free zone, to attract foreign and domestic investors.
  10. To develop the Service in high condition.
  11. To activate the free zone for experiment / to know the condition which is possible, and not possible/
  12. Problem solving by arbiter should be clearly.
  13. To reduce the government involvement, and trade, custom system and produce smart security system.
  14. Easy way to enter free zone
  15. Bank and financial service should accommodate to free zone goal.
  16. Invite the foreign expert employee.
  17. To build vehicle data base, make simplify of transport logistic.

  (Approved economic operator) Make entrust to AEO certified entities, which is approved in international, and give promotion and immunity to future cooperation work.

The employees of “Altanbulag” free zone are preparing the 11 presentation which is received