"Agarmo" LLC was established in 2006 in the field of trade and meat products and agriculture, and is a wholesale and distribution company.


Currently, there are about 25 employees and equipped with dedicated vehicles, refrigerated warehouses and meat products.

Our company imports frozen potatoes from Brazil and China, good quality chicken and meat products, Chile, Argentina, plum, nuts, berries, all kinds of fruity wines from England and frozen potatoes from Holland and US Mountaine, Tomex of the Netherlands , FRUTEXSA of Chile, and the official distributor of ACCOLADE WINERY of England.


We offer our customers and customers with international quality certificates and lactotaic analysis in Mongolia, with a newly produced, specially packaged, soft, delicious, high-calorie, 100% natural chicken meat product, fresh fruit and high quality wine making it.

Distributors of Chile, Argentine dried plumages, plums, walnuts, Valdivieso wine from Chile, wine from France Lamothe Vincent wine company and Mongolian APU, Spirt-Bal buram LLC from Altanbulag free shops. selling white alcohol.

Our company pays 500 million tugrugs annually, one of the Top 100 rival companies in 2009 and 2010, 2011, 2016.