Mongolian and Russian Government Commission meeting were successfully updated.

The 20th government commission cooperation of Science technique, economic commercial meeting, between Russian and Mongolian were held in Ulaanbaatar among 11 to 13th of December 2016.   

rom Mongolia U.Khurelsukh, Vise Governor, Director of government commission cooperation, from Russia S.YE. Donskoi Minister of Mineral resource Ecology, Director of government commission cooperation, were leaded the meeting. During the meeting both side were consulted the further cooperation work which will be completed in furthered.

oth side were agreed to develop in cooperation of commercial, economic, investment, transport, humanitarian, agriculture, and energy branch and signed in protocol.

oth side were agreed to complete the protocol about cooperation of proceed the stable operation in international transport inspection in Altanbulag- Khiagt board.

uggestions of Altanbulag free zone in commission protocol.

2.17. Between Mongolia free zone and Russian frontier regional province, under purpose of product free supply, the working group will be work on field.

2.18. Make research of way to direct connect to Khyagt, Russian Federation from “Altanbulag” free zone Mongolia.

2.19. Organize arrangement to built triple transport logistic company in “Altanbulag” free zone, that work in full blast in H-3 Asian Direction transit under the.   

8.6 To built the joined logistic center and wood working supplying industry in “Altanbulag” free zone, Mongolia.