The three countries economic business cooperating tourism assemble meeting was held.

The Mongolia, China, Russian economic business cooperating tourism assemble meeting were held in 10th of December 2016.

  • In the Mongolian, Russian, China investment meeting,  Amarjargal.J  Governor of “Altanbulag” free zone, Baljmaa. Kh Director of Administration office from Mongolia, Bao Guanlin, the consultant of Inner Mongolian Government and Budajapav Sergei Purbuyevich, the director of representative office of Republic of Buryat from Russia.
  • Baatar. L head of “General business association of Inner Mongolian” who have been organized the meeting, were appeal to investors cooperate with “Altanbulag” free zone. 
  • During the meeting, Amarjargal.J, Governor of the “Altanbulag” was expressed that ready to cooperation tourism of economic corridor between Mongolia, China, and Russian. Thus Baljmaa. Kh been introduced the “Altanbulag” free zone.


The contract which is improving of 3 countries cooperation, tourism increasing in day by day, which is under the condition of developing procedure in boarding Mongolia, Russia, China.  The General business center of Inner Mongolia, established the 3 countries tourism of economic corridor, which company founders are appealing to cooperate with free zone. The contract have been built under the purpose of developing by multi resources, advanced condition.